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Learn more about our production process


1. Quality Control

We maintain a full-time production and quality control team in China to ensure that the highest standards are met for all of our clients. This team conducts rigorous factory audits and oversees every aspect of production quality control, from raw materials to final inspection, to guarantee that every product meets or exceeds our customers' expectations.

3. Ethical & Audit

We maintain high ethical standards and closely monitor our partner factories for safety, compliance, and reliable production processes. Our factories undergo regular audits by SEDEX and retailer audit teams, and are constantly monitored by our team. We welcome our Clients to visit any time.

2. Capacity

We can produce a wide range of order sizes to meet the needs of our clients. We can create small "trial" orders that allow our clients to test new products within their markets. Additionally, we have the capacity to handle large-scale volume orders. This allows us to accommodate the diverse requirements of our clients and ensure that we can deliver the correct quantity of product at the right time.

4. Lead Times

We typically have a general lead time of 60-90 days for new orders, starting from the date of receipt. Repeat orders are usually produced within a shorter period of 30-45 days. These lead times ensure that we can deliver products to our clients promptly and help them meet their deadlines to stay competitive in the market.

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